Recommended Date Spots in Okinawa

Where do you take your sugar baby while you are in Okinawa?

For those who have no idea, we collected recommended date spots.

Please read this article in advance and surprise your sugar baby!


1. 미 하마 아메리칸 빌리지

Mihama American Village is perfect for shopping and gourmet. There, you can visit nice cafes, buying souvenirs, and do almost anything!

It opens until late at night, and the scenery at night is breathtaking, so you can enjoy the beautiful views, too.

It is a great place to take pictures, as well.


XNUMX. Nakagusuku Castle ruins

Nakagusuku Castle ruins conveys memory of Ryukyu kingdom era to now.

You can see the beautiful curved walls that make good use of natural rocks and topography, and the skillful stone techniques of those days.

It has been registered as a World Heritage Site as one of the “ 류큐 왕국의 구 스쿠 유적지 및 관련 부동산 ".


XNUMX. Underwater road

A 4.7km-long undersea road linking the north coast of the Yossho Peninsula and Ping's island in Kinbu Bay.

Ideal for tidal fishing at low tide.

Because the sea around the undersea road is an open place, there is always a wind, and water sports such as windsurfing and kite surfing are popular. There are other activities such as marine jets and banana boats, too.

There is also a road park in the Underwater road, and there are places where you can eat at restaurants and buy souvenirs.

Also, the view from the footbridge on the Underwater road is superior to the observation deck, so when you go to the Underwater road, please go over this footbridge and look at the view.


XNUMX. Ryukyu village

It is a place where you can experience traditional clothes and so on, and realize that you are really in Okinawa! It is an exotic place with a perfect atmosphere, as shops that epitomize Okinawa are fulfilling.

Wearing a folk costume and taking a picture in front of a photo of Shuri Castle can be a great memory!

You can also experience making brown sugar here, so why don't you give it a try?


XNUMX. Shuri Castle

Shuri Castle disappeared in the Battle of Okinawa in 1945, but was restored in November 1992.

It has prospered as the center of Ryukyuan political culture since the end of the 14th century, but it has disappeared four times, including the Battle of Okinawa, and was repeatedly restored.

The current building was restored in 1992, and in 2000 was registered as a “World Heritage” as “ 류큐 왕국의 구 스쿠 유적지 및 관련 부동산 ".

As access from airport is good, it is a standard tourist attraction that you want to visit once while you are in Okinawa.

Although it always appears in the guidebook, you will be overwhelmed by the Ryukyu history when you actually visit it.

It is the former center of the Ryukyu Kingdom in Naha City.

독특했다 건축 스타일.

There is a seat where the king sits and it is strongly influenced by China, but there is also a Korean style, and it is a slightly mysterious castle with a feeling of Korean and Chinese styles blended together.


XNUMX. 石垣市 Public Market

石垣市 Public Market is a souvenir shop street lined with shops like a food fair.

Most souvenirs are available here.

And most of the time, you can taste food before buying.

There are many kinds of local Okinawa food, so you can find your own taste.

In addition, you must try the Blue seal ice cream here, because it is one of a kind!


XNUMX. Ryugu Castle Observatory

The Ryugu Castle Observatory is a viewing platform opposite Maehama Beach.

You can also see the Irabu Ohashi Bridge.

Above all, the shape of the observation deck was pretty to look at, and it is really photogenic. It seems that there aren't many tourists, as it is a well-kept-secret-place.

So why don't you go up to the observation deck and enjoy the wonderful scenery without much crowd.



This time, we introduced recommended dating spots in Okinawa!

Now have you decided where you want to go with your sugar baby?

I hope you'll enjoy your journey!


If you don't have any partners to visit these places with, please find her in the Universe Club!


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