Blog: Bad Smell Makes People Disappointed.

Hello all the gentlemen and ladies,
이것은 미아 스톤 from advertising management division.
The weather in Tokyo is hot recently and I am spending very uncomfortable days because of bad smell.

Stinky, Stinky, STINKY….


I really do not like very bad smell and No one likes it.
I am writing this and somehow the outside air is very stinky, so people in my office feel very uncomfortable now. haha

Well, people sweat a lot. It is physiological phenomena, so there is no way we can prevent it. I think; however, people can take care of it.
There are many products to reduce smell of sweat such as deodorant spay, cream, etc…

Especially Gentlemen…

I just give you advice for gentlemen!
If you want to have with Korean girls, you really have to take your smell.
This will be an important key that you can have one night stand or have long tern relationship with Korean girls.

As 조가비가 많은블로그 before, it would be great for guys to wash ears, underarms, and foots with soap.
Oh, I read that persimmon tannin soap works so great for men.


How about Korean Girls?

Girls also take care of their smell.
Especially, girls should care their bad breath.
It is because of their internal organs or dental problems,
but girls definitely have to care it.

For dental problems, you really need to go to dentist for check up.
If you have decayed tooth, it will be cause of bad smell.
Also, you have gum disease, you had better to cure it.

For prevention, you should use dental floss after meals, three times a day.
You may be surprised that how much you have unbrushed teeth and stains on your teeth.

Gentlemen and girls have to take care of your smell in order to have intimate communication comfortable!

읽어 주셔서 감사합니다!




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