New Year's Premium Lucky Bag

The purchase of the New Year's Preimum Luck Bag has ended.

We would like to thank all members purchasing the luck bag.



Universe Club International Japan and Singapore branch would like to offer a limited New Year's Premium Lucky Bag to all annual membership holders.


Promotion overview

Purchase your “New Year's Premium Lucky Bagand receive the following premium benefits.

    • – 50% off all dates for one month
    • – Free upgrade to a higher class membership

*Black class membership holders will receive a free 1 year membership extension



100,000 yen (S$1000)*

*For annual membership holders only. Monthly membership holders may upgrade to an annual membership to enjoy this promotion.


프로모션 기간


구매 기간: ~ 2022/1/31 (Tue)

Benefits will start from 2023/2/1




  • – The purchase of the “New Year's Premium Lucky Bag” is only available for annual membership holders.
  • – The 50% off will not be applied for “Letter Dates”.
  • – Receive unlimited 50% discounts until the 28th of February.
  • – The 50% discount will only be eligible for dates commencing in February.
  • – The membership tier upgrade will be for the class immediately above your current class.
  • – The upgrade to a higher class membership will be for the remining membership period.


Request to purchase your lucky bag

Please contact our concierge staff for a purchase with one of our contact methods through the following button.

International Japan branch Contacts

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