Clarification of Date Duration

To our valued members,

Thank you always for your continued support of Universe Club.
Based on feedback from our members, we would like to make some changes and clarifications regarding the duration of the dates.

Previously, we had always informed both male and female members to have 4 hours open for their dates. This would lead to some confusion at times – for example, if the date ended with just a meal after 2 hours or less (especially for A and Btype la required.

Thus, we would like to clarify the duration of the dates and what we mean by having 4 hours available.

The date should always start with a meal or tea. This should last for about 2 hours, with each party taking this time to get to know each other and establish rapport. The transportation fee of 5,000-10,000 yen for the date should also be paid to the female member for the meal.

Afterward, it would be up to the couple to decide how they would like to continue. Having another 2 hours free would be ideal in this case, as it would give them a good amount of time for any activities they have decided upon. We do not have any rules for what happens after the meal – you could go to a bar for drinks, shop at a mall, etc Any additional compensation can also be negotiated if there is a possibility of an intimate relationship.

For ladies who have chosen A and B dating types, it is not necessary to have 4 hours available, but it is still recommended to have time to spare in case the meal lasts longer, both parties would still like to go for a drink, etc Please note as well that there may not be any additional compensation in these cases even if the meal lasts for more than two hours.

We hope that this explanation helps to clarify any doubts that our members may have regarding the compensation and time required for a date.

Universe Club International

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