Unlimited ¥10,000 gifts for you and your friends!

Wouldn't there be many ladies starting a new chapter in their lives this spring?
There are many ladies starting sugar dating for various reasons, such as improving their skills, covering study abroad expenses, and more.

We want to support more ladies in their new lives,
And also we want to spread and inform people to know about Papakatsu, sugar dating.
It is why we launched this campaign.

▼ Refer-a-friend campaign details

Every time a friend you refer registers, you both will receive rewards!

▼ Campaign period

March 15th 2024 to June 15th 2024

▼ Rewards

당신에게: ¥10,000 Amazon Gift

To your friends: ¥10,000 Amazon Gift

▼ Steps

Step 1. Send your *referral code to your female friends.

Step 2. Tell your friends to send your “referral code” and register as a member.

Step 3. Both you and your friends will receive ¥10,000 each!

*Receive your “추천 코드” from the below official LINE account.
Inform us you wish to participate in the campaign, and we will issue your referral code.

Official LINE account (English)

UC International LINE account

▼ Terms and conditions

– Eligible for introduction from both existing members and former members.
– Introduced female candidates must be able to use fluent English conversational or above. Not eligible for Korean ladies living in Japan who's first language is Korean.
*Eligible for non-English speaking Korean female candidates living in Singapore.
– All new female membership registration meeting schedules confirmed by June 15th will be eligible.
– Not eligible for re-registrations or rejected membership applications.
– Eligible only if the introduced female candidate informs the introducer's “Referral code” in the initial contact with our staff.

This is a exciting special campaign where both you and your friend will receive 10,000 yen each!
Take advantage of this special opportunity and introduce your friends!